Tuesday, March 15, 2011


here is my new update travelling for my weekend :)

me and my office friends went to Lampung, and we was visited islands which is have clean beach sand.
hmhmhm…firstable let me tell u about this island, they called it Pulau Condong this island is located in the south of Lampung in the middle of bay, to go there we have to charter a boat, from the boat while bring us to the island we can see PLTU Tarahan,  for note  before we get there…we can see coral reef from the boat using mini glass aquarium :)

but one of this islands is belong someone :( and around there they built some fences. becouse the islands is in the middle of bay *Teluk Betung* so the wave its not too danger.
and finally the boat was close to island, here we come….wow!!! the shore is so clean and they have white sands. i am looking around there, such as beautiful island although quite there and then i took some picture the view and of course ME hehehehe :)

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