Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bluepoint, Bali…i like this nick name for this beach, indeed not in real beach in fact.
coz in my mind the real beach is have a wide sand area, but not for this ones. To get there we have to go through away a lot of stairs and makes me tired *phew* hehehe….but it is worth it when i had arrived, i can see how beautiful this beach by their waves.
I get down to see the beach directly, through the big stones reefs on my head *a little bit difficult to reach ya*

When i looking around, there so many surfer there, yeah coz in this beach they have good wave for surfing and i thing this is not for amateur surfer. Coz indeed there so many reef on, so only profesional surfer can surf there (too dangerous for amateur ones) hehehe….

and when i come here, they were prepare for international surfing tournament held by RipCurl...nice ya ;)
and of course there’s so many surfer practicing….they makes me awesome when i saw they played on the wave.

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