Dean’s Blue Hole

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

can u see the picture above??

the color in the centre is more blue than around and it's indicate if there deeper than around.
yess…i'm so curious bout this  “BLUE HOLE” then i try to find out from d Google *wink
but before, let me tell you 1st bout special hole *the hole which is so special for me haha….. Blue holes formed during past ice ages, when sea level was as much as 100–120 metres (330–390 ft) lower than at present.  And when the ice ages was end then ice was melted and that’s when the sea level rises and the cave covered with sea water up to the Blue Hole was formed.
and here is The deepest blue hole in the world—at 202 metres (663 ft)—is Dean’s Blue Holelocated in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas.

btw there’s something that i want to show u…there’s a diver whose try the depth of that hole by jumped to that hole *what d???? OMG…:-o
this amazing underwater base jumping was made by the free divers Guillaume Néry, and u can see this picture when the diver jumped in

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