di Mare restaurant

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

di Mare

di Mare
hmm..yeah di Mare is name of restaurant which is located inside of Karma Kandara Resort Bali, the best resort that i wants to go there someday hehe *wink
Why is called di Mare which is in indonesian means Samudera or Ocean in English??? because in front of this restaurant, we can see Hindia Ocean directly *wow

i think this is such a romantic dinner place, why? this is the answer :D
di Mare is located on the edge of a cliff with a height of 150 meters above sea level and the architect is resemble like a yacht…then you also can enjoy the best view of the sky with the vast ocean in front of you *hmmm…what a romantice time

can you see this pic below *wink….

di Mare
what's next?? of course 'bout the food, yeah…cuisine’s of this restaurant is presents Mediterania style food who combine seasoning and also local ingredients with oversea ingredients. One of cuisine from this restaurant is Goat Cheese Agnolitti, combined artichokes, tomato fondue, herb oil, root vegetable bouillon and of course the main this food is meat of goat hehe :D but for me the view that we can enjoy from this restaurant are stunning me a lot *hopefuly someday i will hehe…..

Goat Cheese Agnolitti
ohya beside this restaurant, Karma Kandara resort also present Nammos Beach Club which also d best place ever for private  d(^_^)b
so…enjoy this place, for more information bout this restaurant and also the resorts you can visit Karma Kandara

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