Grojogan Sewu WaterfaLL

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The journey starts from Madiun 0351, after attended my friend wedding, we're went to the Tawangmangu to see the waterfall Grojogan Sewu (one of my friends said “it takes only one hour”).

We immediately drove to the place, as a result after 1 hour passed where it never showed…*Phew* 
We're a bit surprised with stunning views along the way plus the fresh mountain air which is couldn't be found in Surabaya hehehe.

Before we reach the waterfall there are couple tourist of Sarangan, Telaga Sarangan is the ones of. Well after the lake Sarangan we still have to get on top of the mountain, we through a mountain Lawu the border between East Java and Central Java. At least don’t worry be hepi, everything will be paid by the natural scenery, even to reach the waterfall Grojogan Sewu stamina is must be top…hehehehe. 
Maybe that's why named Sewu, those steps stairs which we've passed it’s a lot  and probably TOO much hehehehe… makes you sweat ofcourse ;)

See….fabulous rite…how beautifuL they are ;)

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