Orchard Central’s escalator

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here is another experienced at Singapore, is the tallest or maybe the longest escalator at Singapore?!?!?
for sure yoursingapore.com tells this place is the highest mall in Singapore, well at least this ones successfully makes me so scared and of course my adrenaline was pumped @_@

This escalator is located at Orchard Central Mall, there’s about 6 super escalator [have you count?!?] and this escalator is hang on the edge of the building.
see it...the edge of the building!! this is the reason why me so scared hah!!! floor by floor...more and more tall than before x_x

Meanwhile you were enjoying the view around Orchard from this escalator, then me…?? just stand up hang on tight with strange face [poor me].
hehe…my photo with :-s face
haha you don't need invite me for bungy jumping, offers me to go this place...enough for me la :p

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