Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When I went in Singapore on last January he’s always introduced me Singapore’s culinary which is some foods makes me slobber qiqiqiqi :p Such as Nasi Briyani, Laksa, Nasi Ayam Hainan, Nasi Lemak etc and finally here is tam tam tam…..then become my favourite menu of dinner Roti PRATA!

Yess, Roti Prata is one of popular menu in Singapore, in Malaysia called Roti Canai, but i guess this is one of my aunty’s family favourite menu as well, they called roti Maryam, isn’t?!? (dunno laa, at least i guess the taste is familiar for me laa) :p

So many places offers this menu, 1st tasting at Spize then also at Little India, Banquet Foodcourt and the others places, finally Spize become my fav place :) 
Roti Prata is originally from Pakistan & India then this menu have been modify little bit. Prepared by flipping the dough into a large thin layer then maybe this menu named Prata which is mean “datar”.
As usual I made ordered without the egg (not really like egg laa).
Prata’s served with the curry, commonly they have two option of curry, fish curry or meat curry.
See…..u can see my photo how I like it much *yuuMMM

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