Waroeng Penyet @ Marine Parade Central Sg

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ayam Penyet, Pecel Lele, Gado – Gado, Batagor, Sayur Asem (his favorite) *slurp…Sure you can find all of Indonesian food here *where is it??? check this out :p

For dinner we went to Marina Parade Central around East Coast and choose one of the popular ayam penyet franchise in Singapore WAROENG PENYET
While waiting the food served, I see the menu and prices, they serve all traditional Indonesian food and ofcourse the price is cheaper than the other restaurant thatI had came before  price menu of Ayam Penyet is about $5 exclude white rice about 50 cent *for you to know the owner also from Indonesia.

And here is….Ayam Penyet was served and looks yummy hehe but it’s not look like as usual (commonly included cobek) this Ayam Penyet maybe look likes Ayam Kremes hehehehe and it served with tempe, tahu , sambal also lalapan and of course the taste is sooo delicious and spicy :p 

So if you want to try Indonesian food especially all about penyet hehe, this place is recomended *wink 

Waroeng Penyet
✉ 99 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428795
☎ (+65) 6344 1235

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