Laura Pausini Beats My Soul

Thursday, July 07, 2011

"How many languages does she speak?" hehe...this is 1st question on my mind, will find so many song in different languages while you searching her song in Youtube. In Italian, Spanish, English even in French she can sings so well. Thus to me she's so gorgeous, isn't? no need to answer la [wink].

Laura Alice Rossella Pausini then better known as Laura Pausini is singer from Italia and was born at 37 years ago. Because her album mostly in language of Spanish, Italian makes she more famous in hispanic countries which makes she won many of Latin Grammy Award such as on 2007 Laura won for a Latin Grammy Award for the best female album with "Yo Canto" [wikipedia].

io come un albero nudo senza te
senza foglie e radici ormai
abbandonata cosi
per rinascere mi servi qui

In 2007 exactly i know this song...It's Not Goodbye taken from the album "From The Inside" with another language in Italian In Assenza di Te, besides is happening to me the soul of this song also beats me. Prefer listening her voice when she sing a song in Italian or French [sounds sexy] even the meaning of that language are not yet know :p at least i can find the soul of her song in me.

Andrea Bocelli feat Laura Pausini

Try looking at tomorrow not yesterday
And all the things you left behind

Dare to live until the very last
Dare to live forget about the past
Dare to live giving something of yourself to others
Even when it seems there's nothing more left to give

After he gave me a song from Italian singer also Andrea Bocelli featuring Laura Pausini, it makes me more and more loves her voice, Dare To Live (Vivere) that's romantic song ya :x
Finally...besides as a singer Laura Pausini is a producer also and hopefully someday i can watch her live performance.  

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