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Friday, July 08, 2011

onde-onde ::captured by Angie::
here is one of my blog post in AirAsia blog contest :)
cekidot :D

As usual in a sunny day on Sunday morning I go to the nearby market. I'm looking for vegetables, meal, etc. After finishing my shopping bag with lots of vegetables and other daily needs then i'm looking for a dish for my breakfast. Hmm...there's lot of dish around me haha suddenly confusing me. Finally here we're....i choose this one, yup! Onde-onde....

As an Indonesian, Onde-onde is so familiar for us. You can find it everywhere, especially at traditional market. It made from mixing of glutinous rice flour filled by mung bean and you can see, sesame seeds are covering them. Yummm....now you can find it with another flavor also such as onde-onde with cheese flavor, chocolate flavor even in fruits flavor such as strawberry and pineapple...so interesting right?

Onde-onde is one of unique snack in Java, they look like small balls. When you bite it, onde-onde which filled in mung bean will be so tasty of it and of course smooth in your mouth. And for sure on 2004 in Semarang Central Java, people made an Indonesian Record, the biggest Onde-onde in Indonesia. Wow!!! Big applause for them who's break that Record and on April Mojokerto people also wants break that last record but sadly, they was failed.

So guys don't forget to try one of traditional Indonesian dish when you coming here ;)

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  1. Love Onde-Onde from the deepest of my heart, I felt that I growth becasue of Onde-Onde :D


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