Quatuor Eclisses in Surabaya!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Since I was interesting with Paris then learning their language at IFI Surabaya thus automatically sometimes I went to their event. For example last month,  Europe on Screen just held and during this spring time from 15th May until 23rd June known as Printemps français which is held once in a year with some attractive events. Such as Theater, Circus nor Dance Contemporary, photography and classical music as well.

This time IFI Surabaya were presented Quatuor Eclisses, a quartet of classical guitar from French at Sheraton Hotel & Towers. This is the first time I'm watching classical guitar and I was amazed by how talented they're. All those fingers are look likes dancing amid the strings, so peaceful.

Gabriel Bianco, Arkaïtz Chambonnet, Pierre Lelievre and Benjamin Vallette as a Quatuor Eclisses not just played they own composition, but also played another composition from popular pianist as well. Such as composition of Debussy and The Carmen Suites....sssst at least this is what I could find during their performance hehehe [soundhound you rock!].

Quatuor Eclisses posing with Mathieu Dumesnil (director of IFI Surabaya)
after the performance
photos of mine
bump into IFI's friends
Despite the audience are not allowed to take photo during the performance [of course] in 1 hrs papabear included me was enjoyed their performance and finally ended with photo session with Quatuor Eclisses [voila!!!].

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  1. IFI mah sering banget ngadain acara musikal kaya begini. Sukaaa~ :))


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