Sortir Avec Ma Belle Mère

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Mother in law, created by God...blessed with a child to raise for another to love"
Sortir avec ma belle-mère ou hanging out with mother in law? Why not? On Saturday as we had an opportunity to spend weekends together. After my class of French she picked me up then we went windows shopping, together! Got exhausted...And we looking some food to grab and spoiled our happy tummy, yeaay even though it was late lunch sssssttt it was 3pm already.

soto ayam

Amboja Bistro at Diponegoro became place of our lunch date, as vegetarian she only ordered stir fry mustard greens with mushrooms, carrots and Es Teller. Me? Soto Ayam and lemon tea are perfect combination.

Saturday has ended up with perfect, what about our Sunday? Monchéri ice cream here we come! What a perfect choice in a hot sunny day recently.

spaghetti chocolate

After married I just knew that both of us has some couple similarity. Like our shoes size is 35, our favo of fashion with touch of girly things and even she like to spend time with cemil cantik LOL.
Well, maybe for some people hangout with mother-in-law we will be caught in to awkward moments or even something awful?! To be honest, yes it was in the beginning. But lastly all the awkward moments changed into fun as well as we can get along with.

So, instead of having some narrow minded about what is mother in law, that would be better if we throw away some of shit ridiculous mindset.

Amboja Bistro
✉  Jl. Raya Diponegoro, Surabaya 60241
☎ (031) 5672255

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3 happy thoughts

  1. mbak,,,kok enak-enak sih,,,bikin ngiler aja,,,diet mana diet,,,

  2. aku naksir spagethi coklatnyaaa

  3. aku juga sesekali wiskul-an ama mertuaku mbak :D.. bukan masalah umur mertua udh jauuuh di atas kita ato gak sbnrnya, tp yg penting memang kesamaan hobi.. mertuaku walo udh 60, tapi masih energik, kita hobi traveling, kita hobi makan, kita suka shopping dan nonton :D.. jd jalan ama mertua buatku asyik bgt..


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