Chibird Cuteness Overload!

Friday, March 06, 2015

I've seen this cute pic already about a year ago, but last night when I was looking a glimpse at my friend Blackberry Profile Pic..wuahhh this one is called chibird!! Haish where have you been so far?? grrrr
 Being lazy? Hmmm everyone must be agreed...isn't???
And when you worried about what's gonna happen tomorrow kekekeke
tomorrow never dies
Hmmm what about this one??
..... can't buy happiness
Yup, chibird then googled it for looking another cute pics. There's a lot of chibird hereee, come come to looking around at Created by Jacqueline (Jackie) someone who in second year of college. He or she whatever is so creative yet cheerful.
Sometimes I need to released restless of mine with something girly, cute, classy yet calming. Quotes, picture are the best cure, yes picture do talks...indeed. Then I've found lot of cute pics here which is related with me nowadays, all of those drawings are so cute and the quotes inside. Oh ya, maybe you can find another ones for you also ^^

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