Colorbox Denim Vest

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Noted! sometimes I couldn't find something that I want badly neither this denim vest. As I mentioned on my previous post about a black blazer. Then accidentally I've found this one, lucky me [again??] how come?
For sure I got this denim vest with affordable price, tough! Days has changed in to the boringness until I got it.

Bye bye Hasenda, Logo and Gaudi denim vest as well. Tag with more than 300 IDR all of those denim vests are too expensive to me, hmmm frankly I do like that embroidery motif hihihihi.
Voilà! Only 195.000 IDR after disc 30% you can brought it to the shopping bag, you can compare to the others. Patience of mine has been delivered to this gorgeous ones [pardon me if too much]. Well, smart women shopping with a smart way, doesn't it?

And yesterday I mixed it up with a long dress from Zoya, casual yet girlie such a kind of the day.
Bonne journée ^^

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5 happy thoughts

  1. bagus banget mbak, tapi suerrr tuh gak bakalan muat ke aku wkwkwkwkw

    1. Klo vest kan gk perlu dikancing cukup2 aja kok sai hihihi

  2. Mbak Ning, aku juga lagi hunting denim vest nih. Beli dimana ya Mbak enaknya buat kantong mahasiswa? :D

    1. Kmrn dptnya ini di Colorbox sai, pas disc 30%....lumayan dibawah 200rb kenanya :)

  3. Uhuy.. Denim vestnya cakeeep :D


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