Spring Has Come In Instagram

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Refers to Wikipedia APRIL is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the fifth in the early Julian and one of four months with a length of 30 days. And yes that means April  is commonly associated with the season of spring, yeaay spring has sprung!
What? Spring? Hellooooow where do you live? Well, even though spring time has different timing from country to country, and even doesn't existed in my country [Indonesia, Surabayaaaa tough!]. Yet by looking all those pictures I could feel what's spring feeling [maksa? iyeee] LOL.

"Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter and preceding summer." ~wikipedia
"What kind of picture, let us know!" Ok, first when you got stuck in a hectic day e.g boring at office, stuck in traffic jam, long queues, bad hair day, PMS, etc. And then what will you do?
Come lets get lost in their Instagram, and you'll see how lovely that feed through their pictures as I my habit commonly. Wasting time? Nope, that's kind of stress released of mine and can refresh my eyes as well. Wanna try?

Here's a couple accounts in Instagram that I've been stalk following. Kinda bright, neat, soft and white feed as the spring feelings used to be.

Tegan M. Ptasznyk
Photographer and creating ones who based in Perth, Australia [filmgarden]. Hmmm sadly seems she doesn't existed since 12 weeks ago. Well, just take a look and indulging your eyes by looking the simply yet creative post, like this one. She just put some flowers and arrange it neatly on the table, how creative she is.


Amelia Yap
A young lady from Malaysia [ameliaalove], have been following her since she was in High School grade. I'm falling in love as my first like on one of her posts. Kinda soft, girly yet elegant e.g the ballerina holding the flower nor the flower it self..simply yet beautiful.
She have a blog as well, travel in Busan Korea as her latest post.

::source amelia yap's IG::
Jolene K.
Killing time by get lost in Instagram, seriously I can't bear it. Am I being addicted? [ough NO!]. Well, at least I found her [jolenekcw]. Pretty woman from Singapore who loved to bake occasionally and do some petit booth as well.
Ohya by her post I knowing about Aesop skincare which is re-used the bottle into decorative things, sometimes she post her make-up routine too.

Due to she's loved to capture the moment instead of take some selfie, don't ask her for selfie hehe. It's so rare find her pic, tough...ssst but Jolene K account is the most frequent updates among of them, 2,554 posts already.


Well, have you indulging your eyes too by looking all those pictures? Do you feel the ambience of spring time by all those posts? If YES, means we have similar tastes of beauty because their posts typical of spring time...isn't?
Or do you have another favourite account which is kind a spring time? Let me know ^^

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9 happy thoughts

  1. I think that we have the very same taste Bu! Love the pictures you shared. :D

  2. ahh IG Jalan2Liburan gak dimasukkin nih, banyak jg lho spring fever nya di IG itu ha ha ha ha

  3. alhamdulillah, paham dikit -_-

  4. I Love April, The Spring has begin ...Happy Birthday mbak Dwi Nining :) Wishing you all the best ..

  5. ah elah, cuma ngerti kalo gambar di IGnya bagus-bagus :D

  6. Gambarnya membuat mata tak bisa berkedip #ini hanyalah ungkapan kegamuan sesorang terhadap sesuatu yang dilihatnya.

  7. Welcome spring... sukaa sama foto-fotonya ngebloom banget

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  9. Aku juga suka ngikutin 'jaman' di instagram. Biarpun di sini gak musim atau bukan waktunya. Soalnya bisa jadi inspirasi buat pepotoan yang ber'rasa' internesyenel hihihi


Terima kasih sudah berkunjung di blog #beYOUtiful ini, semoga tulisan-tulisan saya bermanfaat :)

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