My name is Dwi Sari, just call me Dwi or Nining :)
An accounting graduates who worked at telecomunication company as well for 11yrs.
On 1st May 2016, I'm officially enjoying my life at home. So, here I am ... becomes a freelance blogger.
I'm married & having one and only child, currently based in Malang, East Java Indonesia.

Fun Facts About Me

❤ I love to talk about traveling, culinary, and lifestyle eg beauty, movies etc as the essence of what I've been writing. An experience, emotional thoughts and captures of my life.
❤ Flight attendant wannabe [ooops].
❤ Endless Love, Before Sunset, The Forest, The Conjuring, Wa'alaikumussalam Paris are my favourite movies.
❤ I'm obsessed with all about french, tu parles fran├žais?
❤ coffee addicts?

Why "kisekii"?
Well, literally I'd love to pick this ones "kiseki" which means keajaiban or miracle in English. Due to kiseki were not available anymore, then I put double "i" on the last word LOL.

May I make a wish?Yes! | Hopefully our life is full of miracles, amen.

Why the butterfly were flying here?
I really love this beauty creatures of God, why?
"Even she lived in the world just for a while. But she spreads the kindness through her beauty."
Due to the philosophy of mine about the butterfly, I'm using the butterfly on my favicon and put it on the header as well :)

Second blog
As many words were flying in my head since my babybear was born, I've been writing too at this blog "Words of Mine".

Is my favourite hashtag due to everyone has its own beauty. And so to y'all who have been get lost in my blog. Thus don't hesitate to contact me at dwisariambar[at]gmail[dot]com

~ xoxo

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