NuArt Sculpture Park

Monday, March 14, 2011

On April’09 when I went to Bandung for spent weekend with my friends…on the way I was told if I so curious about Nyoman Nuarta. He is a sculptor who build Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali, the building which makes me amazed :D




Then we rides to somewhere which is my friend didn’t tell me previously. I just realized when we arrived that I was at NuArt Sculpture Park [suprised!!!!!] I'm so excited to looking around afterwards.
Before we’re looking around, I wrote the guest book first, just in one word to represents my feeling “awesome” indeed!!!
In the gallery room we can’t take a picture, so we just looking around and I’m still amazed by his craft hehe ;)

NuArta were created to a very special place for artists, designers and other art-goers to meet, discuss and share their common interests. As behind the place of the gallery there is a cafe for hangout as well [nice place rite] :D

In outdoor we can take some pictures of sculpture, when Taking some pictures, many people were there for prepare some kind of wedding ceremony (hmmmmm….i thought this place is available for rent of some occasions too) what a nice ambience. NuArt becomes my first place during my vacation in Bandung and I'd says if that was a great weekend.

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