When in Rome Bridesmaid Style

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, you must familiar with this romantic movie "When in Rome"

One of scene at her sister's wedding day, forget about the brides, my eyes are on the bridesmaid...Beth's dress up perfectly. After i saw this movie then googling to find it *wink

Yup, She wear V-Neck Jersey Gown With Ribbon by Amsale huhuhu this dress is makes me fallin'...I'm liking the cutting of ribbon on her waist, the fabric and the color as well *wish i could have it hehe

Beth with Amsale dress
Oh ya....Liking her shoes too which is suited with her dress, don't worry i already know the details of course hehe she wear Suede Platform Pump by Christian Louboutin  and again makes she look gorgeous than the brides!!!

[redsole] Suede Platform Pump
by Christian Louboutin
For Christian Louboutin I'm falling with his boots also hahaha....Hmmm Christian Louboutin is Farah Quinn's (my fav chef) fav' shoe designer, that's why Beth is looks gorgeous than the brides hehehehe :p
Fyi this 2 brand, Amsale and Christian Louboutin is one of famous brand in their speciality.

LuV it !!!

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  1. I guess "ohya" is the word of today ^_^


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