Nude Rosemary

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Review ✿ Recently I've got a problem with my face skin [red:acne] then natural makeup goes as my daily used. Dry lips and a bit flaky are belongs to me thus I've chosen Wardah Exclusive Lipstick no. 48 Rosemary, her nude color as my favorite ones. Why? The texture is smooth, light and moist. You don't have to worried, it's doesn't makes my lips dry even I wear it all day long because of the olive oil and Vitamin E as their contents.

What about the price and packaging? Wardah represents to a simple and modern women in to their product and tagline as well "Simply Elegant". Thus this brand unveils with simple packaging also affordable price, hmmm about 35 K IDR you already have it in your beauty kit.

Here is my nude lips in my dinner date and how its look likes in my skin.

nude color

Sssstt, it's ok for my daily but remember it's not going well in another occasion such as wedding night which is need more color to make my face looks brighter.

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6 happy thoughts

  1. sepertinya warna tuh lipstik gaul abiz ya,,,pantes bget dipake buat emak2 muda spt kita,,wkwkwkwkw

    1. hihihihi iya netral aja gitu warnanya, ora neko2 :D

  2. coocok buat sampeyan warnanya, kalau aku ngak pantesan terlalu lembut hahaha, suka yang goncreng, eeh foto sama misua niyee :D

    1. iiih Niar kece kemana ajaaa...sering loh ini sebelahku eksis disini hihihihi :D

  3. Ih baru tau ada warna itu! Cakep banget kayanya yaaa... <3 <3


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