Javanese Wedding

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Due to hijab fashion industry has been mushrooming around us, young muslim designer as well. Then many muslim wedding ideas has been rising recently. Such a pleasure, indeed. We can find many wedding vendor who provided muslim wedding ideas, such as photography, bridal hijab styles, modest dresses, make-up, and many more.

And of course I don't even worry anymore about all that wedding items. I had took pre-wedding session which is the idea taken from Muhammad Assad & Afra Nurina's. Casual yet traditional outfit, ssstt just forget about the silly face of us.


November, 24th 2013 - do some preparation
This is the day, many couple might be nervous, don't you? Make-up team do some preparation before the Akad Nikah, about one hour they change me into a traditional princess who wear JAVANESE SANGGUL blended with fully jasmine which covered my hair as the "hijab" style. Look at on my ears, it was covered by red roses and vintage ear studs. How lovely they are and I'd like to say, this is it! When the Javanese wedding meet the muslim wedding ideas.


The Akad Nikah
Once in a life time, the moment that you have been waiting for. Never thought this day would come in to my life. The day when someone ask you to get married. And the day which we begin all of things together until the rest of my life, Aamiin...
Nervous? A bit! But, lucky me that I have a hubby who treat me tender, calming yet funny at the same time. Giggling, instead of your face gonna be creepy on the camera by your evil grin smiley. Relaxxx, this is your day ^^


It's a wrap! And we're officially husband and wife...

officially married

Hi beYOUtiful! Have you look MuslimWeddingIdeas[dot]com? You can search many vendors based on category,  theme, location, etc on this fancy website...soon! Stay tuned [winkwink].

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12 happy thoughts

  1. traditional outfit selalu special dan cantik dilihat :)

  2. We also had our Javanese Muslim Wedding and yes nowadays there are so many vendors to cater our needs. :)

    1. no worries anymore...hempaskaaan *apaasih* hihihi
      Thx for dropping by mas Dani :)

  3. Waduh, roaming dah bacanya. Well, a nice couple. Romantic and funny ekspresion

  4. Replies
    1. nyiahahahaha...reminds me uy lovely Mom :)

  5. Weh ganti jd English nih blognya,, siiip..
    Eniwe masih jarang vendor pernikahan islami yg syar'i, semoga kedepan tambah banyak pilihan

  6. Good luck mbaaak dwi..
    Cantik nih manteennyaaa

  7. You look stunning! And, I need to praise you for having guts to go on a long tradition. Love it!

  8. ahhhhh...cantiknya dirimuh mbak....


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