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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

On 24 hrs in a day, 7 days in a week. Mostly, I have been spending the day stay at home. "Isn't boring?" some people asked me. For me, it is not a big deal even when you have to stay at home all day long. It's depends how we manage the mood, the ambience as well. Boring, kind of humane. Stay at home as a housewife either you have a work at the office. Boring will come, once in a while...don't you? Eventually home is my best friend, then let me say welcome to my home sweet home a.k.a baiti jannati.

Therefore, I have to create a mood booster of mine to keep that mood on the right path. Boring, boring stay away.... :p Let's check out some tips to make your home sweet home more comfortable:

In other ways, if I'm feeling bored with the interior of my living room, the kitchen, or bedroom. I will do some retouch and re-decorate my living room, bedroom, and so on. As usual, I put some fancy stuff to make it eyecatchy, "But how?"


Look at what I've done with my bedroom. I put a sheet of canvas rug on the floor and it will makes my bedroom looks artsy than before. So when I woke up, I got a lovely energy to start the day, and of course my hubby loves it too. Or you can do some changing with your bedsheet, the main idea is you could bring a fresh new look into your home.

How it feels, when you want to put some medicine, but you don't know properly where it is. Organizing some medicine by the function. Put it on the re-use empty can, it's make the quality of the medicine stay longer too.


Another example, you can organizing some stuff like cable stuff, stationary stuff on the box. Put it above the cupboard to save some space at home, covered by a piece of scarf will make it more lovely too.

Make It Clean
"Cleanliless is half of faith." as the wisdom of Prophet Muhammad SAW. I'm a typical clean and perfectionist if we talk about the cleanliness of the house. How could you stay at home and feeling comfort if your room was full a mess, errr. I couldn't bear for sure, neither couldn't sleep well.
[source: emaze.com]
So? Don't waste your time! Put your dress, tighten your hair, and don't forget your mop then make some noise to make it clean as Cinderella did LOL.

Just make it simple as your day starts here, at home. I  hope you will find some good ideas for your home through this guide of mine.
"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do...but how much love we put in that action." - Mother Teresa

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7 happy thoughts

  1. Gagal fokus ama karpetnya...kece euy...ujung2nya ntar beli dimana...wahahaha...

    1. Wkwkwk ubek2 gudang aja wes, kali2 nemu Mba Wi :D

  2. Rumahnya bersih dan rapiiii.
    suka dengan dekorasinya

  3. Nuansa putihnya bisa jadi referensi buat rumah saya besok-besok ah. enak ngeliatnya mba. :D

    1. Iya kalo putih kesannya bersiiih gitu kalo diliat hehe :)


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