Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I luv this island, place where I was born. Yup in TARAKAN ;)
A small island in East Kalimantan [recently called Kaltara - Kalimantan Utara], next to the border of Malaysia and Indonesia. Despite only a small island, but in Tarakan have so many natural resources *OIL*
Due to resources are very rich, automatically oil companies has been provided to manage it *PERTAMINA* thus  so many refinery in Tarakan.

Due to the weather is not good for human being, only a week our skin could be poluted by the air then become a little dark hehe….so we've to care about it, especially for the newcomers ;)

I've lived there for ten years and then move to Surabaya, so many memories but my big family from my mom been living there. So i can visit them anytime.
Ohya my childhood friends as well, coz i've studied until elementary school (SD Patra Dharma Tarakan) .

After i leave Tarakan, they’re grow fastly. The government set this island become the city, previously only one of district in East Kalimantan. One by one they built and renovation so many fasilities and not forget to explore the tourism sector (Amal beach, Mangrove City Forest, etc).
Mangrove City Forest
Amal beach
Juwata Airport

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