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Thursday, May 22, 2014

As the day before, morning rush where women have many things to do. Being grumpy whatever it is eventho it's just a small thing, then it might be change my mood suddenly...isn't? 
Fyi, being grumpy doesn't mean I get mad with someone or everyone around of you. It's I just had unpleasant for the moment thus please take it easy. Don't underestimate me darling, moreover you've got conclusion if you just did something wrong.
It's a BIG BIG WRONG you know, it's doesn't mean that everything is going $#(&$#^&%.

morning coffee
Well, where I can find something that could be change my mood? 
Finally coffee has just become mood booster of mine. Completed with two Goodtime's biscuit so this pairs of camilan cantik known as good time as Thursday morning of mine as well? ~ free will.

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