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Friday, November 21, 2014

Considering the store of Periplus in Surabaya is not as many as in Bali, whilst I'm craving for novel in English version then I've chosen buy this book [If I Stay by Gayle Forman] by online. But yeaay finally! was saved me, fyi in Surabaya they only have 4 store which is located at Galaxy Mall, Juanda Airport Dep Gate 4-5, Pakuwon Supermall and Tunjungan Plaza.

It's only takes about 3-7 days in weekdays to dispatch if we buy the book by Here some steps for your information :)

  • Please type what you are searching for by author, by title or by ISBN code then click "SEARCH" 
  • The book that you searching for will be display next, then click "ADD TO CART"

  • Next step, please enter your shipping address completely, then click "SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS"
  •  Your order will be review in next step, included the delivery vendor and payment as well. Please choose one of them. Then click "PLACE YOUR ORDER"
  • Afterwards you will be received an email to notify your purchased. Ok, it's just finished!

Just wait and your lovely book will be arrived safely. simply and it doesn't take much time. I just sit, click and pay [wink].

if i stay

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