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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Platinum Grill Surabaya were located in Graha Family Golf, this place is quite spacious, tranquille with the smooth backsound as I heard and surrounded by the green field. You know as far as I can look is the green of golf field, hmmm so...what did I do last Saturday? For some people fine dining is too mainstream and according to Laura Angelia and Koko Jie review thus I've [we] chosen to have a romantic lunch at this place to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.

....because I'm happy clap along if you know what happiness is to you.... ♫♪♪

Platinum Grill Surabaya has two session of menu, breakfast nor lunch session open from 8am to 2pm and for dining starts form 6pm to 11pm. Yup, I've chosen for lunch as I've wrote previously, so let's check the menu aaand "Ooops sorry seems we're in the wrong place yet the ambience is totally romantic". Yes this is about the food which is mostly made from bacon, aaaarggggggghhh [feelingsad].

Ok just forget it [ooops] coz I already reserved one day before so please don't make some disappointment hihihi. Well, lastly we made some safe orders Mixed Fries and Wagyu Burger Truffle Fries [slurp].

mixed fries
wagyu burger truffle fries
[cruchy] I think they have the best Truffle Fries I ever ate, even on the last bite the warm of the truffle fries is still hot you know [uhhhh aahhh..] the sauce is different as well, mayonnaise and "saos sambal" are a bit tasty than the others.

Wedding Anniversary it self never complete without some celebration and I successfully made this little surprise for papabear. A custard tart on a plate which is written "Happy 1st Anniversary" thanks to the crew which is care for the details that I've ordered by phone one day before [winkwink].

our tart
Are you curious about the other menu and prices as well? Then what about the ambience of romantic view or how they served our menu and so on? Pleasure of mine to show all this photos, enjoyed it!

pepperment tea
strawberry smoothies
Platinum Grill Surabaya
Platinum Grill Surabaya
For sure we had a romantic lunch here, indeed. Is there any recommended places for another dating? Let me know ya :)

Platinum Grill Surabaya
✉ Graha Famili Golf, Jalan Raya Golf Graha Famili, Surabaya
☎ (031) 7388990

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8 happy thoughts

  1. keren mbak...makanannya enak enak tempatnya enak dan romantis selamat 1 tahun ya mbak :)

    1. eiheiie suit suittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    2. hihihi mamaciiih sai ucapan & mampir2nya ^^

  2. Uhuuuiii... love is in the air....!
    Congratulations mba cantiiik, semoga kian sakinah, mawaddah wa rohmah **doa standar** hahahah
    Daan, semoga segera dikaruniai 'amanah' dari Allah, aamiiiin....

    Resto yang romantic juga yak? Hmm, udah pernah dining di outdoornya Novotel?

    1. outdoor Novotel pernah liat2 doang mbak, blm prnh nyobain hihihi....nti deh liat review yg yahud kalo kebujuk sapa tau *eloooh
      btw aamiin ya Rabb doanya....doa yang sama teruntuk dirimu mbak cetar :D

  3. Wonderful pics!



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